All of us prefer fast and easy ways or hacks rather than the long, tiresome way and ways that take an excessive amount of time. And Fashion hacks are the best. They help us save time, money and make us look smart and trendy. Read our guide to top 8 clothing hacks that every man should be doing to make dressing up easy while being fashionable.

“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential”

Bruce Lee

1.No-show socks with loafers and moccasins

This is a fashion miracle! Wearing a pair of no-show socks save your shoes and feet from smelling. They are also in trend!

They are made from soft knit materials like cotton, wool and its blends. They are available in different colors and patterns.

They are best worn with Loafers and Moccasins.First thing a woman notice in a man is his feet.Read our article on TOP 5 FOOTWEAR THAT EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN to stay on top in your shoe game.

With summer slowly approaching, these are a must-have to add to your closet!

2.Using shirt stays while tucking in

Some may roll their eyes at this… but these are really helpful. Most of the times, our shirts are tucked in. And during daily activities, they slowly get bunched up near the waist line, requiring a visit to the washroom to tuck them back in. Read our article on TOP 5 SHIRTS THAT EVERY MAN SHOULD OWN IN 2019 to make sure that you own all those.

A shirt stay is simply an elastic band with clips that is made to hold your shirt in place. One end is clipped to your socks, while the other is clipped to the ends of your shirt. They keep your shirts tucked in tight all day long.

Don’t own one yet? Give them a try and you will be glad you did.

3.Making sure your fly is closed by attaching a key ring to your zip, zip up, and place the key ring over your button. (When your pants unzip often)

As embarrassing as it is, sometimes it happens. The zip of our trousers keeps unzipping.

This is easiest and safest hack. All you need is a key ring of the smallest size you can find. The key ring should be thin and durable.

Add a keyring to the open mouth of your zip. Close the zip and then place the keyring over the button. Make sure its secure and won’t slide off.

4.Using razor to remove fuzz from your sweater

Old sweater or new, after the first wear, or in time it starts to get fuzzy.
And a fuzzy sweater looks old and worn out. The only remedy is to obviously, remove the fuzz.

The best way to remove fuzz without ruining your sweater is to use a razor. Preferably a sharp, new one. Gently shave the fuzz in small strokes with minimum contact. Once you are done, use a tape to collect them all.

And Voila! Your sweater is as good as new.

5.Waterproofing your shoes with a candle

When it comes to Canvas slip-ons or any canvas material shoes that we absolutely adore, the only sad truth is that they are not suitable for Wet weather. They end up getting soaked.

This hack will help to prevent them from getting wet.

All you need is a wax candle or beeswax and a hair dryer. Beeswax is a lubricant, you will find in hardware stores. However, if you don’t, a clear wax candle will do the trick too!

Clean the shoes with a wet cloth to remove dust. For shoes that are more than just dusty, it is best to wash and dry them first, to help the wax settle in. Also, after the waxing, washing them will be tricky. Hence, it is necessary to make sure they are clean beforehand.

Before you start rubbing wax on your shoes, make sure your shoes are dry. The wax you use, should be colorless and odorless, or you risk ruining the color of your shoe.

Rub the wax thoroughly on all sides. Don’t worry about visible discoloration as it will disappear after you heat it.

After you are done, blow dry the shoes with a hair dryer. Make sure the temperature is as high as possible, as this will help in melting the wax faster. Keep blow drying the shoe until the wax disappears.

Do one shoe at a time so you can have a reference to when the wax has settled in.

6.Using oil-based lubricant (Vaseline) on your zip

When the zipper gets separated or if zipping it requires a lot of effort than necessary, this age-old trick always helps!

Rubbing a little Vaseline onto the area will help lubricate the zipper for a smooth sliding, up and down.

7.Wash your clothes inside out for long run

Washing clothes inside out helps keep the outer side intact. It keeps it safe from fading, for a while at the least.

The buttons, sequins etc., on the outer side of the cloth does not undergo the grind of washing, hand or machine. This gives them a longer life.

Also, during hand wash or machine wash, the rubbing of clothes against each other results in fuzziness and pilling. Washing them inside out, prevents the outer side of the cloth from getting any of these damages.

All in all, washing a cloth inside out helps in preserving its front look, prolong its life and extend its wear.

8.Using shoe insoles

If you are on your feet the whole day, this is a must for you. Insoles are removable soles added to shoes to improve the fit and provide warmth.

Typically, insoles are used in overpronation treatment. It is also recommended for people who struggle with chronic pain in their feet and legs.

The major factors that you have to consider before buying them is the budget, quality and use.

Since you will be spending too much time on these insoles, it is important for them to be comfortable. Make sure the fit is perfect, and you are comfortable in them.


These hacks not only help in your everyday activities, but also gives you a longer endurance. Stay happy and stay fit!

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