Habits are the building blocks of our personality. They can determine what kind of people we are. Since habits can be changed with our will, we have the power to decide what we become.

We often look at successful people and wish for their success and happiness but we seldom think of what they did to get there.

As humans on this earth, we face an everyday battle with what we want and what we must. We are in a constant fight all our lives and sometimes it may be too late before we understand that we are our own biggest enemy.

There is no magic potion to be successful and there is clearly no secret tricks that can lead a person to their goal. However, we can learn a great deal by looking at successful people and observing their habits.

Here are the top 8 habits of successful people that are the building blocks of successful people.


As I said earlier, more than physically struggling to do important tasks, we are more inhibited mentally. Meditation is known to be one of the most common habits of successful people. Highly successful businessmen and women have repeatedly testified that meditation has helped them quell anxiety, focus their priorities and fight their negative thoughts.

We all are aware of how we are hooked to our phones, computers and other gadgets and practically are led to a state where we cannot tell apart from the real and virtual. In order to get ourselves untangled from these notions, we need to take a step back and look within ourselves.

Mediation is a real healer of the soul. Medical research has proven that it has several benefits that are essential requirements for a successful life. It helps sharpen our focus, improves our memory and helps avoid the negative self-talk.

2.Being health conscious

This is another one of those basic but extremely crucial habits of successful people. We must treat health like it is our best friend. It needs care, attention and respect.

It is very important to eat right and exercise regularly. Our food choices can drastically change our potential. Eating the right foods can replenish our bodies and fill us with energy to function at our maximum. At the same time if we do not provide our bodies with proper nutrition and consume improper amounts of junk food it poses severe health risks and makes our bodies vulnerable to hundreds of diseases.

Similarly, exercising is another act of self-love and the best friend called health loves it. It is important to keep our muscles and nerves working. Exercise also helps us to refresh our minds and focus more on our work.

In addition to diet and exercise, rest and recreation are just as important for the mind and body. Working continually until our bodies burn out is not the best way to achieve success. Our bodies and mind need time for self-care and it is our duty to rest enough to recharge ourselves. Read our article on 10 EATING HABITS THAT AFFECT YOUR HEALTH.

3.Not procrastinating

It is generally known that procrastination is the enemy of success. We all procrastinate. It is a sweet feeling to push the workload for the next day. However, one of the habits of successful people is to push past this temptation.

We need to come up with practical and smart strategies to overcome such mental barriers and fight the temptation. Each person is unique in the way they break their mental barriers. Some of the common tips to fight procrastination is to break large tasks into smaller tasks and complete them one by one, to convince the self to do the task for 10 minutes and no more etc.

4.Fixing a goal

One of the key habits of successful people is being goal oriented. They make clear specific goals and work towards reaching them each day.

Having a dream and wishing for it to come true is a vague concept. It is important to dream and aim high. However, these dreams come true only when we breathe life into every single day. Abstract ideas may remain abstract. In order to concretise them, we must break down them into actionable tasks that need to be completed in a specific time frame. These tasks are our goals to be achieved both in the short and long term.

5.Planning the day out

One of the best ways to develop the habit of being goal-oriented is to plan out each day in the morning or the night before. Having a written list of tasks for the day will make it easy to go through our tasks without any confusion or hesitation.

It provides clarity of our actions and helps us understand how we are wasting time or resources that we may not be aware of otherwise.

Making this a daily routine will allow us to track our progress and provide insight into how we can better ourselves.

6.Having a ‘Never Give Up’ attitude

Our aspirations and dreams are not the easiest to achieve and the path to reach our goals is not a smooth one. We may fail several times during our journey. Persistence and grit are necessary attitudes that we must cultivate.

Almost every successful person did not become successful in their first attempt. One of the important habits of successful people is developing an attitude to never give up no matter the failure and barriers they face during their journey to success.

7.Being honest

This next habit of successful people maybe not be as plain as the day. It may even lead to debates but it is undeniable that honesty and integrity are crucial elements required for success. Being honest would imply being honest to self and others.

Being honest to the values that we have held over the years and respecting them is as important as reaching the goal itself. Our integrity must not be compromised in the hopes of reaching our goal sooner. Success cannot be tricked into or stolen and if it is it may not be a true success at all.

8.Being good around people

Success is not a solo job. We become successful with people around us; by helping them and by accepting their help. The eighth and final habit of successful people in our list is the habit of being people-oriented.

We are truly successful when we have good relationships in our lives to share our successes and failures. Having the ability to nurture a good interpersonal relationship is crucial to becoming successful.

Having healthy relationships provides us with sufficient moral and social support that increases our morale and evades negativity. All of these habits make the journey towards success a more efficient one.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, it is clear that successful people have achieved what they have with rigorous discipline, self-control and by maintaining the integrity of work. These eight habits cover three important aspects as requirements to achieve success.

The first aspect is self-care. Taking care of the mind and body through meditation, diet and exercise. The second aspect is hard work. Success is not easy to come by and it needs hard work and dedication. One must be dedicated to make plans and meet them out each day without procrastinating or giving up when going gets hard. The third aspect is the maintenance of virtue. Success will be long-lasting if it is achieved through honest means and with supportive people around.

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