In this era of processed foods and desk jobs, regular exercise and a balanced diet have become a necessity to stay healthy and fit. Being strong and in good shape, also has other advantages like making you look attractive and smart. Apart from just following an exercise routine and counting your calories, it is also important to do your daily activities in a proper and methodical manner so it won’t affect your physical health and jeopardize your workout. 

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Due to most of our packed schedules, a daily workout at the gym or at home is a tough task to accomplish. As a result, most of us are lacking in the ‘fitness’ quotient. What we can do instead, is go walking or jogging, as suggested by all doctors.

Walking and Running are the most noteworthy forms of cardiovascular exercise. Walking is not better than running and vice-versa. The choice between the two should be made depending on your fitness goal and physical health.


So when we talk about walking, we don’t mean a slow-paced, leisure walk or a ‘stroll’. Walking here essentially means Brisk Walking or Power Walking.

Brisk walking or Power Walking is walking at a fast pace, covering more steps than you usually do, in a minute. This increases your heart rate and also burns more calories than a casual walk.

Walking is easy and recommended for all fitness levels. It also gives you an energy boost!


If you want to maintain your body fitness, Brisk Walking is recommended. Also, if you are recovering from a sprained ankle, it is better to walk before you transition to jogging.

Walking is also recommended to people who are overweight, elderly or who are just starting to exercise.


Walking is a refreshing alternative that can benefit all. It is a great method to improve overall health. Walking for 30 minutes in a day can improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your bones and reduce excess fat. It also helps to boost your muscle power and endurance.

Walking can be done at any time of the day. But it’s best to go walking early in the morning, or late in the evenings, to prevent getting sunburned, dehydrated, tanned and other sun prone diseases. Increase your speed, slow down and continue for an effective workout.

Other health benefits of walking includes

  • Reduces risk of heart disorders
  • Improves heart and lung fitness
  • Helps prevent bone diseases
  • Improves your mood

Unlike most of the other exercises, walking does not require any equipment or training.It is also safe.

All you need is a good pair of walking shoes and you are ready!


Jogging is a very effective weight loss exercise. It burns calories faster compared to walking. Jogging or Running increases your heart rate to a higher level when compared to walking.

It also boosts your energy and clears your mind.

However, Jogging every day is not recommended. Try and shake things up a little! Overexerting yourself can lead to injuries. It can cause excessive fatigue. This depends on the intensity of your jog. 


Most of them prefer jogging because it is an appealing exercise. Costs nothing (Except for good shoes!) and you can run anytime that suits you. Although, it is recommended that you go jogging early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid getting sunburned.

Jogging and Running are similar workouts, with the main difference between them being the intensity. Running is faster and increases heart rate and breathing to a higher level when compared to jogging. It requires an overall fitness. Hence, it is not recommended for people who are suffering from any heart ailments, knee injury and so forth.


Jogging is a full body workout and also helps to prepare the body for other physical activities. It boosts your metabolism and is more effective than walking if your goal is to lose some weight.

Jogging is a great workout if you want to get in shape. Jogging for at least 30 minutes in a day improves your overall fitness.

Apart from burning calories and helping in weight loss, Jogging also releases happy hormones called ‘endorphins’, that makes you feel positive and helps reduce stress.

Other benefits of Jogging regularly include:

  • Helps increase the strength of your bones and muscles
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Helps maintain weight
  • Burns fat
  • Helps improve your stamina
  • Builds Endurance
  • Maintains blood pressure and cholesterol levels


Other important facts to keep in mind before you jog are:

  • Try Brisk Walking before you start.
  • Start jogging at a low-pace and then increase your speed gradually.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Choose clean, flat areas to prevent injuries
  • Avoid jogging near the main roads, as you will inhale more polluted air, which leads to other respiratory diseases.
  • Wear loose, cotton clothing with a comfortable pair of jogging shoes.
  • Avoid eating heavy foods before going for a run.


Finally, Walking or Jogging are both similar in their benefits. Irrespective of what you choose to do, it is important to keep doing it or get stuck in a sedentary lifestyle, which leads to various health and fitness problems. That being said, Don’t overdo it. Start with a moderate pace and then slowly build momentum to your workout. Consider joining a gym if possible or create and follow a 30-minute workout plan at home.

Now, if you still just cannot fit a 30-minute walk or jog in your jam-packed schedule, try doing it for at least 10-15 minutes in a day. If your main goal is to lose weight, then you need to buckle those shoes and get running!

Here are some ways you could try doing to increase workout.

  • Taking the stairs instead of the lift
  • Try walking whenever possible instead of riding your vehicle
  • Take your dog on a walk or a run
  • Go walking with friends
  • Using pedometer will help motivate you to do more

Walking and Jogging is a no-cost and immensely effective exercise. However, using the wrong footwear can lead to sore feet, blisters or heel pain. Hence, make sure you buy the right footwear. Watch what you eat since having a balanced diet is necessary to keep you healthy. Drink loads of water to stay hydrated at all times.

Stay Fit and Stay Healthy!

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